Paro Tshechu Festival

The Paro Tshechu Festival is held for five days in Paro district in western Bhutan and is one of the biggest festivals in the country apart from the Punakha and Thimphu festivals.

The Paro festival is held annually every Spring (usually in March/April) and it attracts tourists and local in thousands. Local Bhutanese families come dressed in the best clothes and jewelries and several mask dances and local songs and dances are performed during the festival.

The main attraction of the Tshechu here is the Guru Thongdrol, a gigantic thangkha (embroidered painting) of Guru Rinpoche, that’s hung outside the Dzong on the last day of the celebration. It is believed that a mere sight of the Thongdrol cleanses an onlooker on all sins and accumulates merits.

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