Gross National Happiness (GNH) Tours

Green Mandala Tours offers you a unique tour plan where you visit Bhutan to experience why it is known as the land of happiness. You would be wrong to expect that everyone in Bhutan is happy. But Bhutan is a kingdom in pursuit of happiness.

In this tour, we will let you interact with local people from all walks of life – from GNH experts, farmers, journalists, civil servants and others and you will visit schools, NGOs, and monastic institutions and we will give you an insight to the idea of why Bhutan is pursuing this almost utopian development goal.

The main goal of this tour is to allow you to introspect what happiness is and to allow you to ask yourself what makes you happy.

This tour is usually custom designed in advance after thorough consultation with you to ensure that we provide you the best value addition we can taking into consideration the your background and expertise.

We provide this tours to groups of more than 8 people in the group.

Please Contact Us for more enquiry and details.