Bumthang is undoubtedly the most beautiful place in Bhutan. It comprises four adjacent valleys and each valley offers an equally beautiful view. This central district could also be described as the religious capital of Bhutan as it has several monasteries and temples and each temple or monastery hosts different annual festivals all of which are equally fascinating.

The most popular monastery is the 7th century Jambay Lhakhang Temple, which hosts the annual Jambay Lhakhang Drub, popularly known to tourists as the Naked Dance Festival. This festival takes place in November and the most important part of the festival is a fire ritual when the naked dance is hosted. The dance takes place around midnight when completely naked male dancers swirl around in calculated precision braving the winter chill.

There are several other attractions in Bumthang including numerous hikes and many trekking options. If you intend to see Bumthang, you could also time your visit to one of the festivals of this beautiful valley.