Snowmen’s Trek

Trek Duration – 25 Days
Maximum Elevation – 5,320m Highest Camp – 5,120m
Difficulty rating – Hard
Best Time – Mid- June to mid-October

The Snowman’s Trek is the most difficult trek in Bhutan and this is recommended only for professional trekkers and those who are physically fit and enduring. This trek is often described as the most difficult trek in the world.

You trek is a journey and you will trek through the entire northern expanse of the Bhutanese Himalayas even camping in snow-laden passes. You will experience the entire Himalayas and trek along the Tibetan border. .

The grueling trek begins from Gunitsawa village in Paro and takes you into the Lunana region and further on to Gangkhar Puensum and Duer village in Bumthang, or down to Sephu in Trongsa district.

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